Article by John Boye 

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a common childhood condition. Children with ADHD have a difficult time paying attention and can be hyper. Sometimes this can interfere with their behaviors at home, at school and with friends. There is no single test to identify ADHD but having a conversation with your medical provider is important in diagnosing and treating ADHD.

A child with hyperactivity may:

  • Fidget or move around a lot
  • Leave his/her seat when not appropriate
  • Run or climb more than normal
  • Have a hard time playing quietly
  • Seem to always be “on the go”
  • Talk too much ·Interrupt or disturb others
  • Answer questions suddenly or have a hard time waiting for his/her turn

A child struggling with attention may:

  • Make careless errors
  • Have a hard time completing a task
  • Be more disorganized
  • Lose things often

How can counseling help with ADHD?

Children can work to develop skills to improve:

  • Motivation
  • Focus & memory
  • Planning & organization
  • Task completion
  • Emotional control
  • Sleep habits
  • Classroom behaviors
  • Social skills

Parents can learn the following:

  • A better understanding of what ADHD is
  • Ways to use effective rules, rewards and consequences
  • How to create structure and schedules at home
  • How to communicate better with their child
  • Ways to address any issues at school

PAF and Arcadian Therapeutic Services have skilled providers on-site to help in meeting ADHD treatment goals. Short-term and long-term counseling options are available with our counselors.

Getting help with ADHD early in a child’s life reduces behavioral issues, family stress/conflict, and the potential for other disorders. Speak with your provider today if you want more information about the services Arcadian’s provides.



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