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Study Tips

Study Tips for Final Exams

With the end of the school year fast approaching, summer is almost in reach. Before that blissful time arrives, however, there’s one more significant hurdle: finals week. Final exams can be stressful for even the most devoted students, as they try to balance multiple tests, papers, and projects in a short span of time. The

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Counseling Available - Pediatric Associates of Franklin

Counseling Services

Counseling services are available in our office through Arcadian Therapeutic Services and David Elkins & Associates. Convenient after school and Saturday appointments are available.

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Infant Physical Therapy - Pediatric Associates of Franklin

Pediatric Physical Therapy Available In-Office

Looking Ahead Pediatric Physical Therapy, PLLC strives for excellence in the management and treatment of infants with head and neck disorders. Looking Ahead Pediatric Physical Therapy specializes in the care of infants with torticollis, plagiocephaly, and gross motor delay, using a team approach involving the caregiver, physician, therapist, and orthotist.

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Learning Disorders

Parents in the Know: 4 Common Learning Disorders

Suspecting your child has a learning disorder causes stress for any parent. Keep in mind that a learning disorder doesn’t indicate a person’s intelligence nor does it limit the capacity to learn. Furthermore, early detection minimizes the effect a disorder has on a child. Understanding common disabilities and how to deal with them can reduce

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Dr. Hood - Pediatric Associates of Franklin


"Dr. Hood and Nurse Kayla are WONDERFUL! All of our questions and concerns are quickly resolved."

- Sophia M.



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