Sleeping in Bed With kids

Recent data shows that as many as 24% of parents allow children to sleep in their beds for at least part of the night.

Unfortunately, kids are hardwired to crave nighttime proximity to their parents for safety and connection, making new sleeping arrangements a potentially difficult transition.

To help parents smoothly transition their child into their own bed, the team at Slumber Yard has created a new online resource, How Do You Know When to Move Your Toddler to A “Big Kid Bed.”

To help parents and children make this adjustment, this resource includes:

  • How to make your child’s new bedtime routine less intimidating.
  • A pros and cons comparison of the options suitable for your child’s new bed.
  • How to support a child with behavioral challenges transition more comfortably.

It also includes printable personalized bedtime routine resources and a “graduation” certificate to help children take pride in their new bed.

Click here to view it.





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