Summer camps are a great way for your child to create new memories, build skills, and develop friendships. They can also help your son or daughter experience exercise in a fun and educational way. If you’re thinking about signing up for a camp in Tennessee this year, take a look at a few locations you don’t want to miss.

Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy focuses on the power of outdoor exploration and play, utilizing exercises that boost creativity, social skills, and confidence. Leadership Academy offers several different choices to match every age and personality. The options include Camp Warner Park, Camp Bells Bend Beaman, Nashville Sail Camp, Mountain Bike Camp, and Teen Leadership Adventure. The different programs run from June 5th to August 4th, making it easier to work one of these getaways into your schedule.


Widjiwagan is a YMCA sponsored summer camp that offers a wide selection of programs. Your child can enjoy Overnight Camp, Ranch Camp, and Day Camp from May 22nd to August 9th. Widjiwagan boasts activities such as horseback riding, zip lining, kayaking, archery, climbing, sailing, and much more.

Under the Oaks

Under the Oaks at Oak Hill School is a summer camp targeting a younger crowd. Kids from Pre-Kindergarten to 6th grade can come and enjoy more than 75 separate programs at Under the Oaks. This camp also focuses on academic enrichment, in addition to athletics and other summer experiences. Under the Oaks runs from June 5th to July 14th.

YMCA Day Camp/Camp Little Y

The YMCA Day Camp provides a unique experience every week by centering lessons and activities around a central theme. Each day includes plenty of outdoor time, but also includes group activities and reflection time to build social skills. The major component in each week is swimming, so any child who loves water will feel right at home. Camp Little Y is a scaled down version for kids 3-5, offering similar, yet age appropriate activities. Both camps run from May 30th to July 28th.


Cheekwood is a fantastic summer camp for kids who are interested in arts and nature. Children can throw their own pottery, learn about health and wellness, and see the beauty of the outdoors firsthand through nature walks. Cheekwood accommodates kids of all ages and runs from June to the end of July.

If you’re looking for a way to help your child build skills and create memories that will last a lifetime, consider sending them to one of these awesome summer camps.





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