Helping kids set New Year’s Resolutions can be a fun and healthy tradition. Setting realistic goals is the key to turning resolutions into habits your kids will continue for the rest of their lives.

This year, sit down with your children and make a list of healthy and attainable New Year’s Resolutions. Here are some suggestions:

Cooking Healthy Meals as a Family

I know what you are thinking. Dinner time is the most hectic part of your day, and including the kids is one way to make it more so. You may be surprised at how a few helping hands can get things done quickly and keep little ones occupied and engaged.

Find age appropriate ways they can help. Small children may enjoy retrieving items from low shelves or mixing dry ingredients. Older children can set the table or start a pot of water to boil. Include the family in meal planning and food shopping. The more involved they are in each step, the more you can teach them about healthy eating.

Limit Sugary and Overly Processed Foods

Resolving to limit junk food can be a motivator for the whole family, and including children in creating a shopping list can teach them the difference between healthy foods and junk foods. Explain why cookies, soda, and potato chips are not good for them. If you aren’t sure, do some online research together.

Perhaps as a family resolution, consider limiting these foods to the weekend or only for special occasions. Find healthy alternatives to keep on hand for when kids want a quick snack. Children eat what is available to them, so keeping only healthy options in the house is one way to teach good habits.

Get Moving

Sports activities are an easy and fun way to get kids exercising. There are plenty of team sports for great cardiovascular exercise, like soccer or basketball. If your kid is not interested in these sports, try something more self-competitive, like swimming or track and field. Kids who are less interested in traditional sports may enjoy dance, karate, or rock climbing.

Sports are great for children, but don’t forget to be active as a family. Hiking or just going for a walk around the neighborhood can be a great way to get moving and connect as a family.

Read Before Bedtime

Encourage children of all ages to read before going to sleep. Disconnecting from all screens at least a half hour before bedtime will create healthier sleep habits, too.

Finding resolutions that encourage healthy habits for the whole family will make a great start to the New Year!






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