Weight Control

Weight Control (Vanderbilt)

Eat.Play.Grow (NIH)

HealthyChildren.org (AAP)

Nutrients like Fiber, Calcium and Iron

Sources of fiber (USDA)

Calcium is important but how much? (AAP)

Calcium: Non Dairy Sources (USDA)

Iron and your child (KidsHealth)

Iron containing foods (USDA)

What happened to the food pyramid?

Remember the “Food Pyramid”? Now it’s the “My Plate”

Books on Nutrition

Great author on nutrition: Ellyn Satter. One of her books is How to get your child to eat … but not too much and others


A good book from the AAP is Food Fights- Winning the Nutritional Challenges of Parenthood Armed with Insight, Humor, and a Bottle of Ketchup