Once you are home, you and your baby will begin to develop certain patterns and schedules. Most babies do well whether they are breast or bottle fed. A few babies begin to feed poorly once they get home and can develop symptoms of dehydration or jaundice. After a few days at home, we would like for you to bring your baby to the office for their first appointment.

This first visit usually consists of a weight check and a physical exam to see if any new findings have developed since discharge from the hospital. The doctor will be checking for any signs congenital heart disease, metabolic disease, or any serious conditions. This visit is a good time to review how feeding is going. Important data your doctor will want to review will include feeding information like the frequency and amount (or length if breastfeeding) and the amount of wet and dirty diapers.

Usually, no shots or blood tests are required at this visit, unless your baby is becoming jaundiced, yellowing of the skin.

After this visit, if you are having trouble with breastfeeding your doctor will make a lactation consult. These specially trained lactation consultants frequently will come by your home for an evaluation and are sometimes covered by insurance.

Usually if all is going well the next checkup will be when your baby is two weeks old.





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