Your Newborn at the HospitalWhen you first get admitted to the hospital, they will ask you “Who is your pediatrician?”. Let them know of the exact doctor you have chosen from our practice. Your pediatrician will then be notified at the time of delivery and within the first 24 hours after birth your baby will have a complete physical examination by one our doctors from Pediatric Associates of Franklin. Your baby will be examined each morning you stay in the hospital and after the exam the doctor will come by the mother’s room so that the baby’s progress and any concerns can be discussed.

Common problems include poor feeding, infrequent urination, and jaundice or yellowing of the skin. For those babies who develop jaundice before discharge from the hospital will receive a blood test before they go home. There is another type of blood test that the law requires that all babies born in Tennessee. This test is usually done 24-36 hours after birth.

Most healthy newborn infants will be ready to be discharged in 24-48 hours after birth. For those mothers needing a longer stay the baby will remain in the hospital until the mother is ready to go home. On the day of discharge your baby will have a complete physical examination and a hearing test. Before you go home you will have the opportunity to ask questions about newborn care. Instructions will also be given regarding the timing of the first office visit. Most babies see their regular doctor in 1-2 days after discharge from the hospital.






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