Safety Tips for Your Newborn


  • Use a carseat with all the straps and the car seat belt buckled. Follow your carseat’s instructions carefully. The infant is safest in the backseat and facing toward the rear of the vehicle.
  • Place your baby on its back or side for sleeping.
  • Do not leave baby unattended in bathtub, even for an instant.
  • Do not leave baby unsupervised with small children or pets.
  • Change diapers on the changing table, floor or in the crib. Never leave your child unattended on the changing table.
  • Do not leave a baby on a countertop or high surface even in an infant seat.
  • Turn the thermostat on your hot water heater to 120-130 degrees.
  • Infants should not have any honey in the first year.
  • Always pull the side rails up on the crib.






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