Swimming is a great way for kids to stay cool and keep active during the hot summer months. The best way to make sure everyone has a great summer is to be diligent about water safety. Below are a few tips to help you keep your children safe in and around water all summer long:

  • Watch where you swim. Only swim in areas designated for swimming, such as pools and safe parts of lakes, and be sure there is a lifeguard on duty to prevent major incidents. Avoid diving or jumping from high places if an area is not designated as safe for those activities.
  • Use the buddy system. One of the keys to keeping children safe in the water is constant attention. A good way to give children an extra layer of safety while encouraging them to have fun with their peers is implementing a buddy system. Have each child pair with another, and tell them how far from each other they are permitted to be apart.
  • Take some classes. Strong swimming skills are the best defense against the dangers of water. Before bringing children to the pool, it is a good idea to take them to some swimming classes. They will learn the basics of swimming and keeping afloat as well as some common water hazards and how to keep safe in the water.
  • Keep an eye on young swimmers. Young swimmers generally go into the water with very little experience. Therefore, keeping a close eye on them the entire time they are in and around the water is vital to their safety. Don’t let young children, whether they are wearing a life jacket or not, get too far from a responsible adult. Keep them under close supervision for the duration of their swim.
  • Use caution in natural water bodies. Though swimming in the ocean or lake can be fun, the currents and cold temperatures that naturally occur in these areas add extra elements of danger for swimmers. Examine the water in which you will be swimming well before letting children go in, and once everyone is swimming, set parameters for which parts of the water are and are not safe to swim in.

By preventing children from accessing water when unsupervised, educating them about water safety and swimming, and keeping an eye on them while they are in and around water, great summer memories can be made while keeping cool.





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